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my powerpoint :)

My Life (Maria)
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The symboL =)!

I identify myself with the sea because it
makes me feel quite and I like to listen to
he sound of the waves as they hit the
I think it is a relaxing sensation and it
makes you feel free.
For a short time you forget your problems.

the nightmare

reflecting on my presentation

1. How did you feel before, while and after you presented?

Before my oral presentation I feel very nervous but in the
seam time I feel secure because I knew every words.
After, I feel insecure because I woudn't be right.

2. Describe your presentation in 30 words.

I think that I studied and read a lot the text but when I was
in the class, I was nervous and I coudn't remember the text,
so I had to look at the paper.
The trouth is that I was very shy.

3. Watch 2 of your friends' presentations and

- Write 3 positive and 3 negative aspects of their presentations.

Aida and Laura

Good things:

- They made a lot of gestures.

- They had a good pronunciation.

- The things that they explained were not difficult to understand.

Bad things:

- They were quite nervious.

- They read somethings from the paper.

- It was short.

Doua and Melissa

Good things:

- They had power point.

- The contents were very good.

- They were quite calm.

Bad things:

- Sometimes I couldn't understand them.

- They read somethings in the papper.

- They didn't made gestules.

- Write 3 positive and 3 negative aspects of your presentation.

Good things:

We didn’t read a lot

- We were organized.

- We explained every things well.

Bad things:

- We didn't made a power point.

- We were nervous.

- We sometimes read.

4. What ideas can you apply to your next presentation? How can you improve it?

In the next presentation, I'll make a power point, study my oral presentation before and practise a lot before doing it.

5. What mark do you deserve?

I think that deserve a seven.

dilluns, 10 de novembre de 2008